The French Riviera

Well what can i say apart from it was absolutly fabulous.
As per usual, being the one thing in life I can say at the moment I am lucky with, the weather was fine. Not a cloud in the sky until the day we left. This made the few photos I managed to take come out quite well.
We started off in Menton. This sleepy little resort on the Italian border. There are some great restaurants here that I was shown by my travel partner. He as a young man used to come to the area regularly and knew of some good ones. Also we were told of "the best seafood restaurant in town" and by gum it was to. Best fish soup I have ever tasted and so fresh!
We spent a few days here and I was not only here to relax but here to get some pictures too. At the moment all of those pictures are still full size but I hope to be able to cut some of them down for you and I will publish them with links here .. so stay tuned.
Ok enough for the moment hope to be back soon with some more details for you.
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