Travel and Enjoy

Yup thats the new motto for the day. Now I have been about as you will know by looking at any of the sites I have listed here but I have to say I havent had chance to enjoy it much.
Thats all about to change. I have desided to try to get a better feel for a place taking my time nit rushing just to get nice pictures.
I have desided to treat a trip away like a consert. It is great to get one or two pictures but .. if you spend all your time with your camera you are gonna miss the moment.
Wow .. how profound .. but there we are. Does any one else find they just have not taken enough time over stuff to really enjoy it? Leave a comment if you fancy would love to discuss it. I kinda hate blogging … the monologue doesnt really "do it" for me
So .. the next planned trip, which is the Loire Valley and its Chateux, should mean more fun than work. Working to hard is bad for yuo I am sure of it.
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