Writing Technique

Last night I had a brain storm

As I could not get much sleep at 4am, I decided to do some research on the net. Oh Brilliant, I hear you all say, so whats the big deal? It turned out that there is some pretty good documentation out there about how to write if you look for it.


Luckily I have recently received my documentation in the post for a writing course I am doing with the Open University. It has been some 20 year, that being a conservative estimate, since I have done any studying at all. Thus, this new course is a bit daunting and a bit exciting at the same time.


The documentation seems to be about, how to write "correctly" where academic essays are concerned. Having read through the basics, it would seem that most of what they are explaining, is relevant not only to essay writing, but also to writing on the internet.


I am not really fully into this course as of yet, I find myself already taking parts of the things I have been reading and trying to put them into practice. This should lead to better productions. We will have to see later on, exactly how my tutors and other people doing the course, "constructively criticise" my work. Being told what my writing strengths are and how to improve on the weak areas of my technique should be of use to me professionally as well as helping my personal communications skills.

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