To Enjoy it and Study it?

I have just come across a passage in the good study guide that tells us, if you enjoy a subject, the study of it will come more easily.

Now having read this there was a common conception that if you study a subject you are interested in, your interest would wane. I am hoping that we wont go into such detail to allow this to happen to me about writing. I enjoy writing when I get chance, as you can probably see by my small works here. I would hate to loose the passion for it just because I am studying it to improve my writing technique! That would be one of my worst nightmares!

To create an interest, it may help to try and understand what questions are being addressed by the author if the piece. If you cannot find a question perhaps making one up to stimulate you would work. You may also try to understand what others see or have seen as interesting in what you are reading. Trying to make links between the things you have interests in and what you are reading may also work, as may trying to create links to your text and your own life experience. The last of these may be of more use to the more mature generation of student.


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