Being Detached to Make and Understand Arguements

It has been said that, the best thinking is often done without emotion becoming involved. Detaching yourself from what it is you are reading and writing can lead to better objective points of view being presented.

You may not agree with documents you read as you research. Still, one must read it to find out what arguments are being put forward. A method of doing this is to try to read detached from your emotions and feelings. This for some people will be very hard to do. The idea that you can just read without feeling anything about how you read may in fact seem absurd. If somehow the feelings can be put aside or perhaps turned into critique, then it may become easier to read and realise what is actually being said.

The entire point of academic writing is to make a convincing argument. This is usually made in a passive voice, detaching ones personal opinions on the subject. Trying to make the line of reasoning what people are concerned with and not who wrote it. Passive voices lead articles and essays into not directly attacking points of view, more giving a voice to a case.

Feeling may cloud judgment and when you are in an academic arena this should not be allowed to happen. The more research you can do, the better knowledge you will have of any given subject and knowledge will lead to far better arguments.

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