The point of reading any document when you are studying is to gain knowledge of the main points of argument and hold onto that knowledge in your memory for use later. Thus it is the understanding that is the most important thing but remembering is also significant. Facts and figures can also be useful items to hold onto depending on your subject. The study of languages and history rely on memorising many facts and figures.


There are many different techniques that are supposed to be useful in remembering information. The oldest one of which most of you will recognise is to make up a rhyme with the dates and specifics in. An example of this is “Remember remember the fifth of November” with reference to Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. “A before e accept after c” which is very simple and useful for remembering how to spell in English, I sometimes still rely on this today, at the age of 41.


Another useful method is to memorise the fact and the date as one item. American Independence in 1776, Battle of Britain in 1940, Fall of Berlin in 1945 are a few examples of this. If you repeat these three in your head a few times come at the end of reading this document see if you can remember them, you might well surprise yourself. Once you have a few core dates and events memorised, you should be able to use these to place and then retrieve others, relative to them. Still it is much more important to remember the significance of the events that the dates. Exam questions and essays will require much more than just a date.


Remembering should not be storing every word from a document, although people with true photographic memories are supposed to be able to do this. It is to allow you to think and use the main points in any document you have read. The more you understand of a document you have read the easier it is to read more on the same subject or even easier to read the same document a second time. This is how you really know you have comprehended and remembered


The best way I have found now to remember something and fully understand it is to make some notes. Simple i know but here we have it.

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