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Granada in Andalucia

Granada is a splendid place that has got to go on the books as a must see destination. There is one main reason to visit the city and that is THE ALHAMBRA. If you have not seen it as of … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different!

Good god what a state to be in. Well after a great night out on the piss that lasted for a day and a half, I feel much refreshed. So much so I will try to produce a wonderful article … Continue reading

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No one reads it so why do I bother?

It has been a hard few weeks for me. Every time I look at something that I used to enjoy, it just seems to become a dark all engulfing mass that makes me feel like c**p. I have over the … Continue reading

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Sorry to my readers

Over the last month I have been keeping very busy and to busy to keep up writing wonderful prose about travel and writing to you all. I am so sorry. For the next few months I will endeavour to put … Continue reading

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Andalucia and Seville

Well I have just put some of my pictures up from our tour of Andalucia. Have a look! These are all unaduterated "holiday snaps" Hope you enjoy  I know we did taking them. Seville is a great place for anyone … Continue reading

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