No one reads it so why do I bother?

It has been a hard few weeks for me. Every time I look at something that I used to enjoy, it just seems to become a dark all engulfing mass that makes me feel like c**p. I have over the past few years struggled with the successes and now, I am struggling with the failures. The point of writing something is to have it read. This blog is the ultimate in futility in fact, as no one will read it. All of the other stuff I have been producing for the last few years seems now to fall into the same category.

So why bother if no one looks at it? Well, there has to come a point where if it isn’t making money it has to die. This point has been seemingly coming around for some time now. I am unclear how to do it but I know why it must be done. There is no reason to be into a business if it isn’t making money. You cannot afford to get attached to it. You have to know when it is time to give up.

That time is near coming around for this network. Although I have got attached to what I do, I should not have and then it would be easier to stop, give up, kill it or even, should I find a buyer, sell it off.

It does seem a shame as the amount of ideas and the amount of time and money spent on the development is very large, to me.

Oh god, what to do. I just can’t go on looking at the flipping stuff and feeling horrible after 10 minutes work. That is just going to kill my spirit and me.  

More thoughts sometime soon. ttfn. 

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