Why put in down in writing?

Well there are two slants you can use to answer this question. The first one is the fact you have a waiting public who are dieing to read your next enthralling masterpiece. The other, and far more serious one, if you don’t have thousands knocking on the door that is, is when you actually put something down in writing, you are using the knowledge you have gained and making it into a different type of knowledge.
By this what I mean is, if you have read something and understood it, when you try to explain it, the knowledge that you have gained is being strengthened by being used. Sometimes it maybe difficult to get to grips with a subject, but just as with note taking, when you put in down it can become much clearer. In my travelling experiences, seeing something is one thing. Telling people, in your own words, what it was you saw, is far more enlightening. It makes the experience seemingly more complete.
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