Travelling to Rome

Travelling to Italy can be expensive, but when you have so much that you can see in such a small area who can complain?
The modern day traveller is one with a budget in mind in most cases. That budget can quickly be eaten up by having to pay to enter many of the monuments in Rome. The most famous of them, The Roman Colosseum is one of those that does charge. You must though take into account that it is a once in a lifetime experience that is worth you while.
Having said all of this there are many many treats in the Italian capital that don’t cost yo a penny and are very worth while. These include the high fashion boutiques that surround the Spanish Steps, the masterpiece of sculpture and water that is the Trevi Fountain and many many more.
If you are going to stay in Rome your best bet in my mind would be to seek out some of the better priced quality hotels that are on the market. Try not to go high season as this is when prices go up. If you want something good at a good price try these, the Best hotels in Rome. These are the ones that have been booked the most and that will generally be because they are good value and good quality.
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