It was hard to start but once I did, it came quite nicely!

Yesterday was quite a day for me. Getting all the festive spirit out of the system was quite hard this year somehow. Harder than usual to be honest. Yet, when I sat down and set my mind to it, this time, it came out nicely, flowed quite beautifully and didn’t turn out to be some horrid sticky mess as I thought it might do! I finally put down on virtual paper the first draft of my essay.
The way I was going about it is as was described in the course material we have been given. I was starting and stopping. Thinking about other things to do, just not getting down to it. When I did finally sit down, with my essay plan in front of me, the prose started to flow and just continued for a good while. Exhaustion eventually took its toll and I had to play some computer games until 5am but, at least I did something about it.
The real trick for me was just sitting down and starting. As long as you have done a reasonable amount of work to start with there will come a point when you will "know enough". What has to happen is you have to start writing. If you don’t make a start you will never finish. I hate to point out the obvious but there we have it. 
Putting your knowledge down in a structured format that is related quite closely, in my case, to a plan, is now going to be my recommended method of producing academic essays.  
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