Planning is and Essential for Good Writing

I don’t quite know how I missed it out but I have got to say something about planing your writing. This is something that I have never done before this course and now, having done so, it is amazing the difference it can make.
I don’t actually plan what I am going to write on this blog very much. What I do is title an entry and then go for it. This works for short bits of stuff like I am producing here. Yet, if you were to try to produce something a little longer, this technique may end up being what you could call a plan!
The idea is a simple one. Put down an ideas one by one. A few points in an introduction may well give you some idea of an argument you want to make. try and make it as exciting to the read to grab them.
You could at this point write a conclusion so that you have somewhere to start and somewhere to end up, if you think you require that.
Next take it in logical stages, maybe bullet points for each of the points you think you want to make to move your argument forward. Each bullet point may be a sentence or a paragraph in its own write.
When you have most of your ideas in some logical order and feel that all of them make sense and enhance your argument, you have a plan to work from. This can be expanded upon bit by bit and it is a basic guide to producing what will eventually be your first draft!
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