Writing for the Internet

Writing for the Internet

As the new week dawns so a new course is on the horizon. This time I am approaching this course with much less trepidation. I have looked at the basic outline and I have to be honest it doesn’t look like anything I have not seen before or know something about. The idea though, in my mind, is to try to get a slightly fresher perspective of what writing a website is all about.
The sites initially I have looked at, to do with the course contents, don’t seem to me to be anything special tbh. Some of the layouts look like they have been made to support 800 x 600 definition – which only 10% of my visitors now use – and are using full screen width. This means when you are using a 1024 x 768 – like the majority of Internet users – or greater, the text is very wide and it is hard to read.
It may just be a personal preference but I believe that sites with smaller blocks of text, similar to magazine layouts, are easier to read and look "better", to some extent.
Apart from all this, I must not get above my station and learn to accept what I am being taught. None of my personal opinion will come out in the course until it is actually required. Lets hope I can learn something to help my audience of avid readers, not unlike yourself, to get more out of surfing on my sites.
As more is learned, so more will come up here 🙂
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