Holiday in Barcelona

Well it has been a while so I thought I would give it another go, to keep the bearings oiled, as it were. I haven’t been to Barcelona for a while yet, last time I went, there was so much to see and do I am going to have to go back again.

What to do on holiday in Barcelona

I hope you have set aside a good amount of time for this wonderful Spanish city because there is a lot to see! I wont go into to much details to start with but, there is something for everyone here, be assured of that. My first port of call and it is one that is not to be missed, is the Sagrada Familia. This is the great and still unfinished cathedral at the heart of the city originally designed by Gaudi.

Gaudi’s architecture is all over the city and you cant help but notice it. the best way to think of it, before you see it, is when your children point up and tell you that the building looks like a wave on the ocean! It is all a bit surreal but breathtaking none the less. Gaudi was a simple figure not one seeking to shine spotlights on himself, but more shine spotlight on his work for the city and his god. Rumour has it that he was run down by a taxi driver in the city and he was not recognised until he later died in hospital from this fatal accident.  

One other of Gaudi’s masterpieces is the La Pedrera. This is another building that really has to be seen to be believed. The one thing not captured in these photographs is the roof which is apparently a representation on the Mediterranean Sea in Stone.

Another of Barcelona’s Artistic Masters was one Joan Miro. The dedicate museum in Barcelona is a surrealist art lovers dream. Even the outside of the building calls you. It is very hard to walk by it ad not notice!

Barcelona itself seems to have a stream of surrealist artists the come from it. A strange but, beautiful city indeed. Worth a trip  for a week and more as there will always be something new happening. 


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