The Internet is a Publishing Medium

Internet Publishing doesn’t have to mean bad quality productions

There are no two ways about it. The Internet is a publishing medium. When you write your thoughts down, in an electronic format and then put them up on a blog. As long as that blog has one link to it from somewhere else on the web, it has been published. Depending on how many links it has it may well reach 700 million Internet users, or more as the years have now moved on.
The wonder of this new publishing medium is not to loose what writing is all about. Many people look at the page and think, where are the bullet points so I can scan what I want to read and leave this go forsaken page. I find this "end-user" approach to reading web pages a bit sad. Where is the wooing that writers once produced so much of. The stuff that held you from the opening sentence until the last. That is what I believe should still be produced for web pages. Producing a quality presentation that makes you want to read more is a gift, long may it be so.

For those of you who require bullet points:

  • This
  • Page
  • Is
  • Not
  • For
  • You

Nuff said.  

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