Websafe Fonts Table of Sizes

This table look at 4 of the web-safe fonts that are available in most browsers. Unfortunately this blog does not allow me to show you each at pixel sizes but if you can think of SIZE 3 as normal, or 12px approx it give you an idea of what they look like at what sizes.
It may just be personal preference but at the sizes here I would say that Arial and Verdana have are more readable at smaller sizes.
Arial Size 1

Verdana Size 1

Arial Size 2

Verdana Size 2

Arial Size 3

Verdana Size 3

Arial Size 4

Verdana Size 4

Arial Size 5

Verdana Size 5

Arial Size 6

Verdana Size 6

Arial Size 7


Times New Roman Size 1

Tahoma Size 1

Times New Roman Size 2

Tahoma Size 2

Times New Roman Size 3

Tahoma Size 3

Times New Roman Size 4

Tahoma Size 4

Times New Roman Size 5

Tahoma Size 5

Times New Roman 6

Tahoma Size 6

Times New 7

Tahoma 7


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