A strangers comment about travel writing

How can a travelling stranger make such a difference to a travel writer?

Last week ended for me on a high. What I mean by this leads me into a quick story for you.
A gentleman phoned me. I picked up the phone with, my usual professional demeanour saying, "Hello ICmyhotel, how can I help." The chap on the other end of the phone told me how he had been looking for a cheap hotel to book in Leeds but, the internet broke before he could complete the transaction. I am sure everyone can appreciate how he felt, it just happens sometimes doesn’t it?
What else could I do accept to sympathise with him and take him though the few stages it takes to book a hotel room. I did so and happily I can say we together, on the phone, we booked him a room for the same night. After this short period the gentleman and I had a quick chat. It was this short conversation that followed, that really made my week.
He said to me, "Do you know why we picked you to book with?"
My mind started to tick over this question very quickly. Was it the fabulous colour scheme? Personally, this is something which I really like about my sites. Or was it the structure of the sites? The way through simple text links you can navigate through to the information you require easily?
Finally I replied with a question of my own, "No sir, why did you decide to book with us?"
He replied simply, "Because, having looked at a few sites on the web, yours has the best quality information."
I was stunned into a short silence.
As my brain finally kicked back into gear I said, "Why thank you sir. I hope you do enjoy your stay."
As I hung up the phone, a feeling of pride rushed through me. If I was standing in public and my trousers had fallen down around my ankles. I felt I may have been blushing.
This is one of those turning points that I really needed. I always, even after all this time, wonder how many people do sit down and read what I and the team write. We painstakingly research, as best we can, all of the travel guides and hotel details we publish. It is nice, still, after all these years, to have someone say you are doing a good job.
A special thanks goes out to the mysterious gentleman traveller whom, I will probably never meet.
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