Keeping it Short and Sweet

As my second course progresses more new writing techniques are being learned. One of the most poignant is that web writing, be it travellers’ guides or any other sort, should be kept concise.
There are a number of justifications for this given. These include:
  1. People find it harder to read web pages than books – reading on a screen is not as comfortable on the eye
  2. The way people read web pages is different – people tend to scan web pages quickly looking for information they require
  3. The amount of information you can get on a screen is small
  4. People would rather click a link than scroll down a page – there is a "payoff" for every link clicked

There are many other reasons as well but these will suffice as evidence for the theory at the moment. 

If we were to take this theory as being correct, it looks like I have a lot of work to re-edit it all, using this a clear and concise style. Having looked at only some of the 10000 or so pages we have online at the moment, it make take some time. For those of you who know the sites, keep on looking and watching for the new short and sweet style that will be turning up.

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