Off to the Loire Valley in France

Just now I am planning a trip to the Loire Valley. France is dear to me. A wonderful place with some wonderful culture. Great food and great wine also help it up on the list of places to go, in my opinion.
So far we have decided on a route that takes us from Paris by car, down and around the north west of the valley. From there we will go down south. Stopping to see a few of the chateaus, vineyards, scenery etc along the way.
I may get chance to post some email comments here as I go. But, I really do need some time away to relax.
My camera will be with me all the way and I hope to get a load of fabulous photos for you all. I will be posting some of them here so do drop by and see what you think.
The Loire, its food and wine are world renown. I will be bring back some honest opinions of what I think of the places we go. I hope you will enjoy reading them.
P.S. I havent been writing much here since I completed my two writing courses. I passed both of them. The second one, on web writing I passed with a very high marks. You can see some of that stuff in my writing section.
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