Travellers tales: Yorkshire – How to keep cats off your garden

On a recent survey in Yorkshire it was noted that many people who have gardens dislike cats. (9 out of 10 gardeners said there gardens don’t deserve it) In the same survey we managed to get some tips on how to stop cats ruining you garden.
The main reason for this seems to be that cats are territorial animals. They go where they like. They stamp their ownership on that territory by leaving little presents behind in their wake. (please note this is a family oriented site no profanities allowed, no matter how strongly I feel about it) This present is usually wrapped up in a hole that cat has dug, in your flower beds.
After a travel around Yorkshire in England I now have a few gardeners tips for you. This is what I got told about how to keep the cats out of my garden.
  • Orange peel: The first time, I was told by Sue, "Use some orange peel. Just put it down on the paths or in front of your flower beds. Cats hate it. They wont go near." I tried this and it worked. For a few days. I then had to refresh the peelings. Not a great success story really.
  •  Grapefruit: Next Heather state, "Citrus fruit seems to work. Cats don’t like its smell. Orange is probably the weakest of citrus fruits. [in contradiction to Sue’s advice] Try lemon or, the best is Grapefruit. You could even squeeze one out into the soil. I mentioned to Heather that citrus fruit juice was general acidic, which may not be good for the soil and she agreed. She then repeated what Sue had said "Try putting some peel down." I may try this method soon but, it does seem a very temporary measure.
  • Pepper: David from West Yorkshire told me, "Cats hate the smell of pepper." This was confirmed by a number of cat owners in the area. We also got some agreement from Heather and Sue when questioned about this. I am now trying this method. I will get back to you with results later in the season. Although, it has also been noted by Kevin in North Yorkshire [me] that it may look a bit odd, being out front of your house, grating fresh pepper over your Bizzie Lizzies. ^^
  • Tiger or Lion dung: It was noted by a number of the Yorkshire residents I spoke to that cats are territorial. If a territorial animal smells a larger animal on its patch, it may back off. A taxi driver who I interviewed agreed with this but also pointed out, "It stinks." A mental note was made about this. If the pepper doesn’t work, droppings from a bigger cat will be tried.

Interviews are continuing at the time this story was published. More detail with, some possibly coming from France, may be included later.

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