The problem is there is no reified solution

I see the problem with google is; it is attempting to reify businesses rationally, using algorithms, instead of really seeing what a website is all about.


This perspective comes from many years of work. Doing things the “right way” on my travel websites, according to Google’s guidelines has some justification. Most of what the guidelines are about is making productions suitable for the reader.


The way a reader reads a page is to scan. First the summary, then if the reader wants more detail, the subheadings and then the detail.


I have no qualms about this. But, what happens if a virtual entity, which is what all businesses and travel websites are, starts to morally justify penalising another virtual entity for not doing what they are told to do?


They are at that point becoming judges. I don’t ever remember voting for any of these judges to be in power. More to the point, how can one morally judge and not be morally judged yourself. You just can’t in my mind.


Google trying to reify every website production on earth. To judge it, seeing if the organisation that brought it to publication is in fact real or just an automated process stealing copyright. Also, being judges with their algorithms as to whether or not the reader will have a good experience on a site.


This reification of an organisation through these methods is fraught with danger. Making a judgement about a virtual entity, which you know little about, is difficult. If an organisation does everything to make sure its users get a good experience how can it be judged as bad? With automated penalties lasting as many years as they wish to make them last, it is easy to get trapped here.


This rational approach to what we are show as “good travel based websites” needs to be addressed. Globalisation will mean, one day all travel websites will look “that” way. All the highstreets will have the same shop on them (singular not shops).


It seems quickly becoming a world of one. What happened to the freedom of choice we once had? 

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