Can employee absence be called sabotage?


Definintions for our purpose can be as below.


  • Absenteeism: the practice of recurrently being absent from work without reasonable excuse. (Concise Oxford English Dictionary 2006) 
  • Sabotage: the act of purposefully hindering work, with illicit reason. (Concise Oxford English Dictionary 2006)

Consider all individuals in the following to be employees capable of doing their job.


Teams may be relying on an individual for part of a project. If a part of the project is not completed, it may be submitted late.
Gaining inherent “Intrinsic rewards …” (Preston 2006) can be effected by this as may team motivation. Unmotivated staff do not work to thier full capacity.  
If an individual is regularly absent to assure deadlines aren’t met or to cause any other negative effect to a team, this can be called sabotage.
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