Inverness to Manchester for a gig

Last week a mate and I decided to go for a few days trip to Manchester to see Def Leopard and Whitesnake. This is going to be easy for me as I live in York and there are frequent trains to Manchester. For my mate however, this has become more difficult as he lives in Inverness.
I had bumped into some friends who brought a good airport parking firm to my attention Parking4less. Thus my first thought was that I could drive to Manchester and use Manchester airport car park meet my friend here and travel by train to the city centre. My friend agreed. He decided to use the Inveress airport car parking that was also available.
So, he would set off a few hours earlier than I. Then park up his car and take a flight to Manchester. He would be in Manchester some two hours or so earlier than he would have been, if he had taken the train. If I set off in good time and get to Manchester also to parked my car, we could meet up and get onto one of the local trains into Manchester Piccadilly. From there we could set out on our way to the one of the large selection available of Manchester hotels we have now booked, where we are going to spend the night.
This all sounds the best option for us as we want to meet up and have a catch up session. Then we both want to enjoy the gig. Then we both want to enjoy a few beers afterwards even if it is midnight. We don’t think that you can really do better, with all this in mind, than park the cars at the airports fly out, meet up and enjoy. The a good nights sleep before the next days good byes.
In my opinion, if you want to get there quickly use the car and air travel. This will allow more time where ever you are going. If you have not seen someone for an age, then every moment is to be treasured. Be that a friend, member of the family or lover.
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