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Evidence of Class Conflict and Harmony in mid-Victorian Britain

Propaganda of the day is evidence of conflict and harmony between mid-Victorian Britain’s classes.  Proof available to make a case here can be understood to be propaganda of its day. The case will be made using evidence available in two … Continue reading

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Setting font-size in CSS and its Accessibility Issues

Setting Your font-size in CSS Using Relative Unit Values With some recent testing it has come to my attention that using some relative size units as a value for the font-size property in Cascading Style Sheets does allow users to re-size … Continue reading

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A couple with 3 kids split up? How can the state help?

A working age couple in the UK split up with three children under 10 years of age. How might state benefits help them cope? Non-means tested benefits are those, which any household can claim, if they comply with other rules governing … Continue reading

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Benefit entitlement in the UK 2008

Imagine you live in a household with an ageing member of your own family. What benefits would we be entitled to in 2008 in the UK?  Callaghan (2007) tells us about state benefits that we might be eligible for, if we … Continue reading

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Our changing social and economic context effects household financial planning.

The changing social and economic context in which we live effects household financial planning.     Liberalization is a part of our changing social and economic context. Liberalisation describes government policy promoting a free market and competition. Over the last 20 … Continue reading

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