Benefit entitlement in the UK 2008

Imagine you live in a household with an ageing member of your own family. What benefits would we be entitled to in 2008 in the UK?

 Callaghan (2007) tells us about state benefits that we might be eligible for, if we become ill or disabled. Income support in the UK is means tested, thus depending on other income we may get it. Incapacity benefit could be claimed if we do not get statutory sick pay from our employers and were eligible for it. . Disability living allowance could be claimed, if we have mobility problems or personal care needs, and we are under 65.


If someone in your household is looking after you they might claim carer’s allowance, if you have to regularly give a high level of care at home. If that person were a pensioner, they may also be eligible for means tested pension credit. If a pensioner started needing care themselves, they may get attendance allowance.


Both of the above cases might be able to claim Council Tax Credit. Also, if both are paying rent and on a low income, housing benefit could be claimed.  


References: Callaghan, G and Higginson, M. (2007) ‘Personal finance: the changing context’, in Callaghan, G., Fribbance, I. And Brown, V. Higgenson, M. (eds) Personal Finance, Chichester, John Whiley/The Open University.


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