Caravanning might be in Fashion for this Year’s Holidays

This year keeping costs down n your holidays may be the order of the day. Maybe visiting places you visited as a child could be good for you and the family. Why not relive the great British holiday by staying closer to home. The caravan club could help you do this. With good advice and  Club events you know you will be in good company. Who knows, Caravanning may be the holiday fashion in 2010 and beyond.
For what ever reason many people in the UK are thinking about holidays in the UK it seems. I fully approve of this for a number of reasons. 
  1. It may not cost as much as going abroad.
  2. It may keep your carbon footprint down.
  3. There are so many places to go that you have not seen, on your own doorstep. 

I have many good memories from my own childhood that make me think about revisiting places. One year we went to Bude, in Cornwall with my family. This year I am thinking of going again to see it as an adult.

 My father was a typical English man who liked typical English holidays. He owned a small caravan and he liked to take us out and about in it. He was also a member of the Caravan Club, thus our holidays from his point of view also meant meeting up with many kindred spirits.

The club was really a god send. Especially when he first started to get into caravans. The practical advice about caravanning available from professionals there saved him much trouble and effort. When he needed to know good quality sites to stay at, they had the answers. When he wanted to know about Caravan Club events, they had the answers. I can really say without them, knowing my Dad, we would have ended up in the back end of nowhere, with nothing to see or do for a week.

Making the most of your holiday time is always a good idea. With all of the information the club has available, it is the perfect group to be a part of. One day who knows, I may follow in his footsteps. Fashionable holidays this year might well be with the club. Certainly caravanning will keep the costs down in these hard times.

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