ADDTHIS new usability for users on the ICmyhotel network

New usability ICmyhotel network Users

Having been enlightened to the wonders of JavaScript, and it standardisation in browsers, we have started to implement small bits of it on our network.

User Surveys Told Us What People are Looking for on Travel Sites

We started with a user survey. In this we were told many travel and hotel booking sites don’t have enough information about the hotels on. So, how do we provide things like "room contents" and "room descriptions" that can often be very similar. eg. a list of items in one room or a given hotel might be the same or very similar to the contents of another room. Also, a hair drier is a hair drier. No matter if it is in different rooms in one hotel, or different rooms in different hotels.

Avoiding Repeat Information for Search Engines and Giving Users What They Want

We have managed to get around this problem by using javascript files. The room details on each of hotel pages (eg Hotel Russell London ) have now got a link for each room. These links use JavaScript to change the display without requiring the page to be reloaded. This then keeps the repeated information away from search engine results. Also it improves the user experience by giving more information, as they requested in our survey.

Usable JavaScript for Sharing on Social Media

Additionally our user survey pointed out that people will share information, if it is easy to do so. Thus we looked and found the ADDTHIS feature. You can now see the feature, in a JavaScript enabled browser, on most of our hotel pages. ( eg The Minster Hotel in York with online booking available )
If you look to the top right you should see the ADDTHIS button. With this one can share the page to your friends and colleagues easily. This improvement in usability is to aid our users. With more and more social media sites, when people are thinking about travelling, they may all want to stay in the same hotel. This button will allow people to have a look at accommodation and make the right choice, together, as a group.  
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