Find The Splendid Beauty of London In the Autumn

At almost any time of the year London is a wonderful place to visit. If you are headed to London this autumn, here are some spots that must find their way on to your travel itinerary.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and that is precisely what you should do with your family on this autumn trip to the city. Its Halloween time and besides having a whale of a time dressing up your little monsters and yourself, you could plan a visit to the London Dungeon. Here you can find out more about London’s gory history. There are several sound and light shows, rides and more to keep the whole family entertained.

Time your visit along with Fireworks Night which is also known as Guy Fawkes night. This is celebrated all across London and involves a series of fireworks displays at several London’s best tourist spots. You can catch these with your family at places like the Big Ben, the Thames River, Alexandra Palace, Battersea Park and many other places. Nothing like snuggling into your mufflers while watching the night sky light up in an array of fabulous colors.

The Mayor’s Thames Festival is another annual autumn tourist thing that just has to be done. Its free and is celebrated along the length of the River Thames. This is from the South bank of the Thames and right in between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge. The Festival began in 1997 and has since then been the largest free arts festival the country hosts.

Some of the wonderful things you can do here is to visit the massive number of market stalls around for some shopping. The streets will come alive with street entertainers, river races, street theatres, acrobatics and choral performances. The Night Carnival is what works as the finale to this wonderful show and has a large parade of performers and musicians all decked up in a riot of colors.

Another great thing about London in autumn is the seasonal change that you will see happening all across the gardens and landscape of London. Leaves change colors to wonderful hues of gold, bronze, red and yellow and carpet the roads and walkways in swathes of color. Take a walk around some of the parks to enjoy Central London at its best. Bring out the inner child in you when you visit places like Kew Gardens.


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