More Things To Do In London This Autumn

On any autumn day, Kew Garden is a little windy and can get cold. The skies will be overcast with the occasional chance of the sun peeping out a bit. Flowers are generally not in bloom at this time, but all the trees will have their leaves turn shades of red, orange and gold. You can walk along pathways and feel the crunch of fallen acorns all around. You will even be able to catch a few squirrels scurry away with their bounty. There is also a lot of wild life that you will be able to catch a glimpse of. Flocks of Canadian Geese, swans, signets and even ducks can be seen on the water bodies in the park.
Yet another must-do event in Central London in autumn is the Lord Mayor’s Show. In world history, this is the oldest civilian procession and grows increasingly spectacular each year. This year with mark the 796th Lord Mayor Show and welcomes into the city the 684th Lord Mayor of London. Though in earlier appointments, there have been those who have held office for 3 years and more, now, it is restricted to one term in office. This is one show that always takes place on the second Saturday of November. The route followed by the present day show was set in the year 1952 and has been the same since them.
This show has a pageant master who is solely responsible for all the logistics related to the show. This includes manual checking of around 3500 manholes across the city for safety, setting up of around 4000 grandstand seating arrangements, crowd barriers and even the laying of sand. On an average the show has around 6000 participants and the pageant master is responsible for all of them.
Central London has a number of things that can be done during autumn. Apart from this there is also a great deal to see in London.

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