More Things To Do In London This Autumn

On any autumn day, Kew Garden is a little windy and can get cold. The skies will be overcast with the occasional chance of the sun peeping out a bit. Flowers are generally not in bloom at this time, but all the trees will have their leaves turn shades of red, orange and gold. You can walk along pathways and feel the crunch of fallen acorns all around. You will even be able to catch a few squirrels scurry away with their bounty. There is also a lot of wild life that you will be able to catch a glimpse of. Flocks of Canadian Geese, swans, signets and even ducks can be seen on the water bodies in the park.
Yet another must-do event in Central London in autumn is the Lord Mayor’s Show. In world history, this is the oldest civilian procession and grows increasingly spectacular each year. This year with mark the 796th Lord Mayor Show and welcomes into the city the 684th Lord Mayor of London. Though in earlier appointments, there have been those who have held office for 3 years and more, now, it is restricted to one term in office. This is one show that always takes place on the second Saturday of November. The route followed by the present day show was set in the year 1952 and has been the same since them.
This show has a pageant master who is solely responsible for all the logistics related to the show. This includes manual checking of around 3500 manholes across the city for safety, setting up of around 4000 grandstand seating arrangements, crowd barriers and even the laying of sand. On an average the show has around 6000 participants and the pageant master is responsible for all of them.
Central London has a number of things that can be done during autumn. Apart from this there is also a great deal to see in London.

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Find The Splendid Beauty of London In the Autumn

At almost any time of the year London is a wonderful place to visit. If you are headed to London this autumn, here are some spots that must find their way on to your travel itinerary.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors and that is precisely what you should do with your family on this autumn trip to the city. Its Halloween time and besides having a whale of a time dressing up your little monsters and yourself, you could plan a visit to the London Dungeon. Here you can find out more about London’s gory history. There are several sound and light shows, rides and more to keep the whole family entertained.

Time your visit along with Fireworks Night which is also known as Guy Fawkes night. This is celebrated all across London and involves a series of fireworks displays at several London’s best tourist spots. You can catch these with your family at places like the Big Ben, the Thames River, Alexandra Palace, Battersea Park and many other places. Nothing like snuggling into your mufflers while watching the night sky light up in an array of fabulous colors.

The Mayor’s Thames Festival is another annual autumn tourist thing that just has to be done. Its free and is celebrated along the length of the River Thames. This is from the South bank of the Thames and right in between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge. The Festival began in 1997 and has since then been the largest free arts festival the country hosts.

Some of the wonderful things you can do here is to visit the massive number of market stalls around for some shopping. The streets will come alive with street entertainers, river races, street theatres, acrobatics and choral performances. The Night Carnival is what works as the finale to this wonderful show and has a large parade of performers and musicians all decked up in a riot of colors.

Another great thing about London in autumn is the seasonal change that you will see happening all across the gardens and landscape of London. Leaves change colors to wonderful hues of gold, bronze, red and yellow and carpet the roads and walkways in swathes of color. Take a walk around some of the parks to enjoy Central London at its best. Bring out the inner child in you when you visit places like Kew Gardens.


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It Is Time Travel To The Tremendous London Area Really Cheaply

If you are like many a traveler on a tight budget in Greater london, there are a lot of things that you can do there totally free. You can observe the city while saving your entire vacationing spending plan. One of the numerous things that one may do is check out the range of galleries and museums which permit your family complimentary admittance. The British museum as well as Science museum additionally, the Natural History Museum are some of the greatest within the area and provide you some outstanding points of interest. Some of the greatest artifacts from Egyptian civilization, a twenty six meter dinosaur as well as existence in old Central london is what precisely a person may easily delight in.

Whichever type of artistic creation you prefer, the earlier professionals, ultra-modern or perhaps even advanced, you can find to have a look at pretty much everything as part of Tate Britain or Tate Modern. There are also a certain amount of terrific photography features around the National Portrait Gallery. As before admittance is without a doubt free of charge and as a result we definitely will have a lot of fun right here.

If ever the weird crawlies are precisely what intrigue you really, the natural history museum boasts shows dinosaurs, relating to the Human Biology, Animals, Ecology and definitely almost certainly the most informative 1, “the impact within”, an actual encounter what exactly a great earthquake feels similar to. Another possibility is the part I associated with the Darwin Center which is already opened up which also has a number of behind the scenes results of science. Ice skating will likely be available in the earliest 1 week of Nov right to Jan.

Do you need to discover the top rated personas of all years? Then you should go to the National Portrait gallery. This gives you one of the world’s chief collections of unique character portraits. All of the choices get started with the Middle Ages and flows pretty much all the way to modern period. You will discover painters coming from way back to Holbein and even Hockney. The main choices also have a great deal of just what has developed throughout the media. Similarly consider an extraordinary viewpoint of London’s skyline coming from a dazzling rooftop restaurant at this site.

The Royal Airforce Museum is yet another destination you won’t ever want to skip. This is positioned around Colindale and you will be competent to look through the historical past connected with flight plus the earliest balloon flight. You can also have the option to evaluate the most up to date Eurofighter. You can discover about 150 planes which you can give some thought to and each of these with their own historic past. This is a setting where every last little boy’s wish comes true.

London is known as the locale that a great deal of quality destinations are provided at no charge. It’s up to you to make the best use it right now.

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Take A Look At Edinburgh If You Have A Passion For Superb Camera Pictures History And Also Food

Upon your main day trip in Edinburgh West Lothian there will be selected shows and destinations that essentially cannot be forgotten. Appreciate Nelsons Victory Exhibition with the extraordinary Nelson monument. Plus the fabulous Tony Craggs show. Also the awesome tastings in Lieth with the awesome displays within the Museum of Edinburgh.

To start with there is the remarkable Nelsons Victory exhibition. This is certainly one of the main features to set eyes on at the excellent Nelson Monument. Even so never allow the awesome monument overwhelm you, there is rather a lot more to be looked at as well. You will find 143 steps intended to direct individuals to the entrance hall. Beyond that you gain a spectacular view of the monument. Along the way upwards we may also take a look at Nelsons incredible flagship named “Victory”. In addition there is the timeline pertaining to history available to enjoy. Besides that there are superb artifacts from the Battle of Trafalgar including a time ball here. Probably the most enchanting historic artifact is a letter coming from Nelson to his partner.

Many art enthusiasts will get pleasure from Tony Cragg’s 1st fantastic museum program for years at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. This is likely to provide just about 55 fantastic prime sculptures to see. One or two of them are so surprisingly sizeable that they have to be spread out inside the remarkable gallery grounds. This awesome exhibition will be more of an a study of his marvelous techniques. One may notice there is a utilisation of a great deal of remarkable special substances. The main focus shall be regarding Cragg’s projects throughout the last 15 spectacular years.

There is a superb variety of things to enjoy here in Leith. The spectacular Leith Loves Tastings affair is only 1 of thing amid a variety of others. You’ll find a succession of fabulous ever-changing food taste activities waiting in store to suit your needs. Aside from that a incredible assortment of wine beverages, spirits and beers will be at your disposal for everyone to choose from. Each of the excellent choices are provided to simple groups of people. After the numerous great tastings, the team will make a decision on just what Leith appreciates more. At that point the tremendous champion is suggested to all those people that came to the particular occasion.

A fabulous holiday to Edinburgh Scotland would not ever be complete without having a stop by at the magnificent Museum of Edinburgh. This extraordinary and entertaining tourist attraction is located along the great Royal Mile. The complete past of the region comes to dynamic life right here. Pastimes while you’re here might probably comprise of examining the signatures on the National Covenant and aiming to decode who’s any one could be. Further you and your family has the potential to go through the silverware on exhibit and admire the good craftmanship of the artisans. While accomplishing this remember that, those were actually fashioned whilst producers did not really have the convenience of modern day devices to work alongside. There is what’s more the range of elegant glassware for you to admire along with a lot of different displays.

On top of that photography fanatics could certainly look ahead to the remarkable exhibition which will be on top of the Scott monument on Prices Street. This great monument is regarded as Edinburgh’s 2 hundred feet high rocketship of the Gothic period. It was in fact intended to pay tribute to Sir Walter Scott. The photograph exhibits are on top of the 287 steps.

To finish why not a visit to the spectacular Queen’s Gallery at the remarkable Palace of Holyrood. Here you have the magnificent Northern Renaissance exhibit. This pulls inspiration received from Albreacht Durer and Hans Holein and is information and facts on portrait painting.

Edinburgh in Scotland is awesome and it has quite a lot for one discover on a trip here. Come and enjoy it all right now.

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Recommendations – Open Source CMS Drupal vs WordPress

Recommendations – WordPress or Drupal as a Total Website Solution

Drupal is the best solution, of the two compared here, for selling products online. WordPress is an alternative, but is for blogging and lacks the professionalism of Drupal projects.


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) based on OSS Watch’s Top Tips and BRR justifies this recommendation. NOSI (2004) and Wheeler (2010) say TCO is all costs relating to implementation and maintenance of the solution.


The last stable release of Drupal (2010) is 6.17 and Drupal 7 is underway.

Additionally, online documentation available with Drupal (2010) is vast and comprehensive. Alternatives to this could be books from respected publishers like O’Reilly. These could also help improve the skill set of your programming team. Also, Drupal is a stable working product with a professional reputation with a large community of users and supporting programmers.


Drupal’s functionality is fit-for-purpose. Many companies use it to sell products online (Drupal 2010). WordPress is easier to install and update, but training staff solves this small issue. Drupal is usable and once installed will remain useable as a total website solution.


Drupal (2010) is also interoperable with PHP, MySQL and many other databases. WC3 XHTML and CSS validation is not gauranteed, but it is constantly being worked on as a goal (Drupal 2010).  Drupal, PHP (which Drupal (2010) projects are developed using) and MySQL use open standards. They are available for anyone to see online. 


Noting figures can be misleading, Drupal has 40% market share, making it the most widely used CMS according to independent figures ( 2010). Also, Drupal (2010) figures say 300000+ websites are using it. WordPress does not appear as a CMS but has a larger share of the blog market ( 2010).


Drupal (2010) patches security problems fast, as anyone in the community can see the source code and patch at will. Your team of novice programmers may have difficulty coping with CVS to start with. Yuill (2010) says its commands are arcane, but using GUIs overcomes this. Nonetheless, Drupal’s (2010) reputation-based hierarchy of programmers clearly structures project development through issue and project prioritisation.


Additionally, although your team’s CVS contributions will be limited to start with, this will improve as they gain experience and reputation from the community. Staff retention could become more difficult with skilled staff. Nevertheless, Drupal’s CVS use means your team and the community can patch identified problems quickly.


I recommend training your staff to use CVS and Drupal. BIS (2004) tell us, training your team is beneficial, but training staff to use PHP competently may be time consuming. Nonetheless, it will allow you to consider expansion into the IT market with your team. Training staff or hiring a firm in can acquire the skills needed to install and then maintain Drupal. Also, Drupal’s (2010) community supports the installation stage.


However, relying on community support has issues. The community must grow for it to continue to exist permanently. Thus, I recommend going to and experiencing DrupalCon to prove there is an ongoing tangible effort. An alternative is hiring private expertise for support. RedHat’s (2010) software support contracts are similar to the latter.


Also, using Drupal licensed under the GPL (1991) legally assures you the product can continue to exist. Even if the community disappears overnight, you still have the legal right to continue using and developing the package with your own team. This is not the case with proprietary licensed software. Additionally, the GPL gives you freedoms to develop the software fully to your needs without having to rely on another firm who may or may not take on your suggestions for improvement, as happens with proprietary software.


Additionally Drupal is scalable. Choosing a scalable product by definition will be good for the business in the long term.


 © Kevin Ireson



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Windows 2000 – Changing motherboard and chipset

How to change your motherboard when running Windows 2000 Professional

When you motherboard goes down, there is little you can do about it. Frankly you will have to replace it. If you have stocks of old PC knocking about, then you could be lucky. Research and common sense says you can swap the old one out with an exact replacement. It would also make sense that if the replacement motherboard is not the exact same, but has the same chipset on it, Windows will not be affected.

Moving Windows 2000 to a new chipset

If like me and most people you do not have the exact replacement, you may have to use a motherboard with a different chipset on it. I took my machine down to a basic level. It had a graphics card and a hard drive in the motherboard and nothing else. When Windows 2000 tried to boot up, it failed to do so. In my case the blue screen of death appeared and I started to panic.

The problem is, Windows 2000 is NOT plug and play at the chipset level.

Repairing your installation does not work.

After the blue screen of death, I booted up from the CD. It gave me a number of options to "recover" or repair the installation. I tried all repair options. None of them seemed to work.

Installing Windows 2000 over an old installation of Windows as an upgrade

My last alternative was to re-install Windows. I had a backup off all of my data but, I was still not looking forward to having to re-install all the software on the disk and all of the data from backups. I had no choice though. No other options seemed available. This was my last hope.

Surprisingly, when I installed the software it noticed there was already an installation on the hard drive. IT then proceeded to install again as an upgrade. All went fine for some time.

Windows 2000 installation locks the machine up

At the last stage of the upgrade, as I was entering the security code for my copy of the software, the machine locked up. By this time I was ready to chuck the machine against the wall and storm out in a rage. Instead, I went downstairs and rummaged through some older hardware. I found a classic SiS PCI graphics card. This was my last hope. I had stripped the machine down already, if this did not work I was doomed. I placed this horrid old card in the machine and booted it up.

Stripping the machine to the basics worked

To my great relief it worked. After another hour or so of tinkering around with IP addresses and other networking stuff the server was back online and fully functional. What a relief. I hope this article helps someone else in a similar situation.

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ADDTHIS new usability for users on the ICmyhotel network

New usability ICmyhotel network Users

Having been enlightened to the wonders of JavaScript, and it standardisation in browsers, we have started to implement small bits of it on our network.

User Surveys Told Us What People are Looking for on Travel Sites

We started with a user survey. In this we were told many travel and hotel booking sites don’t have enough information about the hotels on. So, how do we provide things like "room contents" and "room descriptions" that can often be very similar. eg. a list of items in one room or a given hotel might be the same or very similar to the contents of another room. Also, a hair drier is a hair drier. No matter if it is in different rooms in one hotel, or different rooms in different hotels.

Avoiding Repeat Information for Search Engines and Giving Users What They Want

We have managed to get around this problem by using javascript files. The room details on each of hotel pages (eg Hotel Russell London ) have now got a link for each room. These links use JavaScript to change the display without requiring the page to be reloaded. This then keeps the repeated information away from search engine results. Also it improves the user experience by giving more information, as they requested in our survey.

Usable JavaScript for Sharing on Social Media

Additionally our user survey pointed out that people will share information, if it is easy to do so. Thus we looked and found the ADDTHIS feature. You can now see the feature, in a JavaScript enabled browser, on most of our hotel pages. ( eg The Minster Hotel in York with online booking available )
If you look to the top right you should see the ADDTHIS button. With this one can share the page to your friends and colleagues easily. This improvement in usability is to aid our users. With more and more social media sites, when people are thinking about travelling, they may all want to stay in the same hotel. This button will allow people to have a look at accommodation and make the right choice, together, as a group.  
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